Christian creates Stone and Steel Sculpture inspired by the brutality of ​​quarrying and the ingenuity associated with Architecture, combined with the dynamic physicality of hot metal forging​.
He admits to being slightly obsessed with Stone having spent the last 8 years rebuilding a derelict cottage nestling among the old disused quarries (where his Grandfather once worked) in the heart of the Black Mountains which form part of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

He is directly inspired by his surroundings and is strongly influenced by his childhood having grown up surrounded by Coal mines and tips of the Amman Valley. Christian's exposure to this kind of Industrial activity which was once part of everyday life shows through in his work.
He loves the combination of harsh materials,  strong composition and the proud stance of his pieces all of which serve to Monumentalise the legacy and Craft of the Stonemason and the Blacksmith.

Christian draws on 20 years experience as a Builder Stonemason and Garden Designer together with a more recently aquired First class Hons Degree in Artistic Blacksmithing gained at Hereford College of Art 2015 (where he won the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award) for outstanding services.
His work has been featured in various International Metalwork/Art magazines.
* HEPHAISTOS Germany, May/June 2016.
* ABANA The Anvils Ring, The Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America 2016.
* BABA Artist Blacksmith, The British Artist Blacksmith Association 2016.
* Select journal "New Talent" 2015.

Christian continues to exhibit Nationaly and Internationaly whilst tirelessly pursuing his exploration of the fractious nature of Stone and the tensile strength of Steel to create objects that have the potential to transcend the bounderies of Art to become future Relics in their own right.