I entered into a competition to design an award for the AOC association of colleges in London, an annual award that is given to high achieving individuals that have had a college education and gone on to have successful careers.
The brief was to design and make up-to nine awards, I set about designing the individual trophies but was very conscious of the importance of the awards as a collective body which represents the commonality that binds them and the recipients; that is EDUCATION.
So I wanted a collection of pieces that had a common theme but still have their own identity, each one different yet shares a similar style, comprising of two arcs that meet at a apoint secured by a brass clip that represents the coming together of past education and current careers, the arcs are held by a clear acrylic body representing the clear goal of the education system to support idividuals in their future endeavours, at the base is a steel plinth and piller which symbolises the AOC's continued support of a college education.